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An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

We provide protection first security solutions from endpoint to cloud. For ringfenced offices, to ringfenced hybrid workplaces using the latest SASE solutions.

Audits of existing networks and cloud presences, pre-cloud migration audits to prevent would be security holes in the cloud from leaving the office and reaching the cloud. 

We complement exiting IT security staff and can audit teams and infrastructure together to see what tasks are not being completed and who is not completing them.

Following that we will architect automation to streamline teams and use precious human resources for the most appropriate tasks to ensure that all angles are covered ... and in an prevention first manner.

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We are "heavy lifting" specialists, when someone says a job can't be done, then that's a job for us!

  • Secure data center management from design, implementation and day to day operations.

  • Secure data center migrations, lift and shift of data with or without the underlying hardware and with or without access to the origin data center.

  • IoT design and solution development with an emphasis on security to implement solutions for "smart" industries, particularly those interested in the migration to Industry 4.0

  • Secure private 5G network design consultancy

  • Dual wan single static IP based services to provide secure automatic VOIP failover in our modern network first world using the latest SASE solutions

  • Outsourced managed SOC services, with proactive response to defend first and ask questions later.

Speak with one of our team today to discuss your requirements.

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Net Security, Barberstown, Straffan, Co. Kildare W23W0H4, Ireland

01 2530546

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